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Alleged medical malpractice leads to deaths of 2 family members

Unfortunately, thousands of families in Kentucky and across the United States are affected by medical negligence every year. Suffering through the effects of one instance of medical malpractice is hard enough. Imagine having two close family members pass away due to medical malpractice. This is allegedly what happened to the family of a woman in another state, and she has taken legal action.

The woman filed lawsuits against two doctors after her father and grandmother died within weeks of each other. According to reports, the father suffered a knee injury while playing basketball and decided to undergo surgery. Allegedly, the man had previously experienced life-threatening reactions from anesthesia. Despite his history, the lawsuit claimed doctors placed the man under anesthesia and he was soon in a coma. The lawsuit said the man died two weeks later.

A few weeks after the passing of her father, the woman said her grandmother sought treatment for shortness of breath. Allegedly, her doctor attempted to insert a catheter in her left femoral vein, but moved it to her right vein when he was unsuccessful. The lawsuit said the woman developed a bleed from the unsuccessful insertion, but her doctor did not stop the blood loss. A day later, the woman died. Both lawsuits claim that mistakes by doctors led to the deaths of the plaintiff’s father and grandmother.

Mistakes and negligence happen every day in the world of health care. Fortunately, there are options available for Kentucky families who have suffered devastating loss due to medical malpractice. By consulting an attorney and filing a lawsuit, families could obtain monetary damages as well as a sense of justice.


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