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Medical malpractice: Woman says plastic was left in her scalp

When an individual undergoes a medical procedure, he or she places an incredible amount of trust in the hands of capable surgeons and physicians. In the state of Kentucky, the vast majority of doctors are incredibly skilled and intelligent individuals who take great care of their patients. However, the world of modern health care is often hectic and fast-paced. Physicians are often rushed to see more patients, and this can lead to more cases of medical malpractice.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after neurosurgeons allegedly left pieces of plastic in her scalp. According to the lawsuit, the woman had a deep brain stimulator surgically implanted. After a few months, a wound on her head failed to heal, so she allegedly had the stimulator removed.

Months later, the lawsuit said the wound still did not heal, and another doctor discovered pieces of plastic sticking out of the plaintiff’s scalp. The woman claims that she had to take antibiotics and endure numerous corrective procedures in order for her wounds to heal. The plaintiff seeks monetary damages in excess of $1 million and all other just relief.

Many people think that modern health care is so far advanced that mistakes are few and far between. Contrary to popular belief, medical procedures are not necessarily safer today than in decades past. Victims and families in Kentucky who have suffered due to medical malpractice can pursue legal recourse by consulting a knowledgeable attorney and filing a claim. A lawsuit, if successful, could result in monetary damages to help victims and families through this traumatizing experience.


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