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Medical malpractice claim ends in a substantial settlement

When Kentucky residents visit a doctor with an illness, they place their lives in the doctor’s hands, and trust that the doctor will use his or her knowledge and expertise to make the correct diagnosis. Even these days, it is not uncommon for a physician to misdiagnose a condition or illness. A misdiagnosis can lead to permanent injuries or even the death of the patient. In another state, a medical malpractice case ended in a substantial settlement.

The lawsuit was filed after a woman died, allegedly after her doctors failed to diagnose her cancer. According to the lawsuit, the woman was experiencing severe abdominal pain and underwent surgery to repair a stomach ulcer. During the surgery, according to the lawsuit, a biopsy was taken and sent to one of her doctors. Allegedly, her providers said biopsy came back benign and noncancerous.

However, the claim stated that the woman’s condition began to worsen, but no further tests were conducted. The woman was eventually diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. According to claims, the cancer had spread by the time it was diagnosed and it eventually claimed her life. The plaintiffs alleged that the woman’s death could have been prevented had the defendants made a correct and timely diagnosis. Reportedly, the lawsuit was recently settled with the plaintiffs receiving $1.28 million.

Successful medical treatment begins with a correct and timely diagnosis. In Kentucky, when the death of an individual is perceived to have been caused by a misdiagnosis or negligence, the surviving family members have a right to pursue legal action. A successfully litigated medical malpractice claim can result in compensation to help with medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.


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