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Fertility treatments can lead to birth defects

Cincinnati and Covington women contemplating certain types of fertility treatments may need to be aware of a new study. It has been discovered that such a treatment has resulted in a higher rate of birth defects occurring.

Certain such treatments presented little risk of birth injuries if the process was greatly simplified. However, when male infertility was involved and the process involved the injection of a single sperm into an egg, there was almost double the rate of birth defects occurring among children that were born.

Too often medical science gets ahead of itself. Until processes are greatly perfected, it can frequently be quite dangerous to try such untested procedures upon human subjects.

Approximately four million babies are born each year through the use of fertility treatments. Though it was originally marketed as a solution to male infertility, it is now too often being used to hurry along the birth process without taking into account possible adverse consequences. This has resulted in more birth defects in children being born.

Doctors cannot afford to engage in medical procedures without fully understanding the possible consequences. Doctors need to proceed with caution when it comes to advancements in medical science.

Medical malpractice attorneys understand the consequences that result from medical mistakes. While doctors may see each opportunity to experiment as a learning situation, attorneys understand that the subject of the experiment is a human being. Birth defects as a result of fertility treatment can last a lifetime and cause the parent and child physical and mental anguish.

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Source: MSNBC, “Birth defect risk rises with some fertility treatments,” by Marilynn Marchione, May 5, 2012


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