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Doctor accused of aggravated assaults on patients

Sometimes people make a point about how simple a problem is by saying, “this isn’t brain surgery.” That’s because operations on the human brain — the most important and least understood organ — are typically carried out by some of the most skilled surgeons anywhere.

However, a neurosurgeon far from Covington is making headlines; not for his skill or compassion, but for alleged medical malpractice so egregious that it caused the death of two Texas patients and left others disabled.

The doctor’s negligence and dereliction are so flagrant that he has been charged with multiple aggravated assaults on patients and causing them serious bodily injuries. He has already lost his license to practice medicine, but now also faces possible prison time.

Prosecutors say the 44-year-old surgeon’s hands were a “deadly weapon.” In one Dallas County lawsuit, he is accused of misdiagnosing neck pain a woman suffered and then bungling her surgery. She suffered a stroke during surgery and lost so much blood during the operation that she died a few days later.

He also operated on a patient who began hemorrhaging during surgery; a condition he failed to identify in time to save the person’s life, according to

He also apparently performed surgery on the wrong section of a patient’s spine, damaging nerves and leaving the woman wheelchair-bound and in chronic pain.

No patient should have to suffer as these people reportedly did. To stop a negligent doctor or hospital from harming others, medical malpractice victims will file legal claims. Holding the negligent accountable for the damage they’ve done serves as a disincentive to others to ignore standard medical practices. An experienced Covington medical malpractice attorney like those at TLF: The Medical Injury Law Firm can help you fight for compensation for claims involving misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose, among many other types of medical negligence, in negotiations with insurers and at trial.


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