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Cerebral palsy: Maximizing the potential of patients

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that is caused when a person’s brain suffers from some sort of injury while it is still developing. This disorder can come with a host of problems for the patient, including difficulty walking, muscle stiffness, trouble eating, tremors, delays in motor skills, and more, according to the Mayo Clinic.

For one boy who was born with cerebral palsy, his fight to do things like any other child is constant. The 13-year-old boy has trouble walking and currently has casts on both legs. He recently had surgery to correct problems with his ankles and to extend his Achilles’s tendons. Getting those problems fixed means that he now has to go through painful rehabilitation, but he is willing to work through the pain to recognize his dreams.

The neurologist caring for him at a children’s hospital says new programs and techniques help kids like this teen maximize their potential. Despite the challenges that he faces because of his cerebral palsy, this teen says that he is ready to push forward to realize his dreams.

One of the teen’s dreams is to sing. He wants people to know and remember his name. He wants to dance and play basketball. He says when his casts come off, he wants to go to the weight room.

A diagnosis of cerebral palsy means a lifetime of medical care and treatments. Parents who have a child with cerebral palsy might soon realize that the treatments that will help their child succeed are often costly. Seeking compensation for damages related to cerebral palsy that was caused by medical error might help parents to minimize the financial impact of this condition while maximizing the potential of their child.

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