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Birth injuries are all too common

Though many parents look forward to the birth of a child, the child birthing process is also immensely complicated and often results in injuries that can burden the child for the remainder of their life. As many as six out of every thousand children born suffer some sort of birth injury in the United States. Some of these injuries are mild, but many more are extremely severe.

Though certain injuries were not preventable, medical malpractice plays a disproportionate share in why such birth injuries occur. All medical providers need to conduct the necessary tests and monitor for any problems that may occur while the mother is in labor.

Some of the most common maladies that occur due to medical error can include Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy. Erb’s palsy comes about due to injury to a group of nerves that control hand and arm movement. Cerebral palsy can result from a baby being deprived of oxygen at the time of birth. This can lead to brain damage or even death.

The most common causes of such errors can include improper use of forceps, the failure to perform a timely Caesarian section, or the failure to monitor a child’s heart rate and breathing while birth is taking place. If such an injury occurs due to a medical provider’s negligence, clients and their attorneys may wish to bring a medical malpractice suit against such providers.

Sadly, birth injuries are onerous and can lead to a lifetime of suffering and expense for medical care. Doctors responsible for such medical negligence must be held accountable.

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