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A baseball career cut short by alleged medical malpractice

The knowledgeable advice of physicians is a big part of successful treatment. After a procedure, physicians and surgeons will advise patients and families in Kentucky on how to properly care for themselves to aid in healing and recovery. Deviating from a physician’s recommendations could result in injuries. A former college baseball player in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a university over claims that he was permanently injured due to negligent treatment by medical and rehab staff on his team following a procedure.

According to the lawsuit, the player suffered a lower leg injury during preseason training. After being treated by the team’s athletic trainer, it was determined that he had a rare growth of additional lower leg muscles. The lawsuit asserted that the plaintiff was referred to a physician who surgically removed the growth of muscles. Allegedly, it was agreed that the sports medicine department of the university would provide all post-surgical care.

The lawsuit claims that university staff directed the man to do strenuous range of motion exercises that directly contradicted his doctor’s advice. Also, during the four months after his surgery, the plaintiff alleges that he was never seen by a doctor and received no post-surgery evaluation or treatment. The plaintiff’s parents arranged a visit with his original physician, and it was revealed that he had suffered significant defects and nerve damage, according to claims. The plaintiff claims that his injuries were unnecessary and ended his baseball career.

A surgery can be a scary and sometimes painful experience. However, receiving negligent care can prolong pain and suffering, and sometimes leads to permanent injuries. Kentucky residents who have been affected by medical malpractice may be able to pursue legal action. If successful, a claim could result in a substantial monetary award.


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