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3 hazards and your drive on the Fourth of July weekend

3 hazards and your drive on the Fourth of July

If you’re heading out on the Fourth of July and plan to spend some time on the road, there are many different hazards you could face. From busy roadways to firework displays, it’s important to know which hazards to look out for.

By knowing which hazards you may run into, you can prevent serious car accident injuries. Here are three different hazards you may come across this busy holiday weekend.

1. Congested roads

When people travel for a holiday, it’s common to see the roads backed up. Fortunately, the Fourth of July weekend is usually a sunny, enjoyable time, so people don’t get delayed by heavy rains or hazardous weather. It’s still possible, though, so prepare to take longer to get to your destination than you’d plan for on a normal day. With visitors from out of town and the potential for pop-up storms, time management is key to reducing stress and lowering the risk of an accident.

2. Construction zones

Summer construction is a way of life in Ohio and Kentucky, but for the Fourth of July, most people get the day off. Despite this, the roadways are still torn apart, so you need to be extra careful in construction zones. Add to this the influx of tourists and traveling families, and you need to be extremely cautious any time you’re in a construction area. Stay at the marked construction speeds, even if no workers are present.

3. Firework displays

While most people wouldn’t think of firework displays as being hazardous to drivers, they do have the potential to be. Debris from the exploded fireworks can fall onto roads or into traffic. Misfired displays could launch fireworks into a roadway. Even the smoke from a display has the potential to blind drivers and make the roads hazardous.

These are a few things to look out for this holiday weekend. Stay safe and plan ahead to have a fun weekend.

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