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Medical malpractice: Man left in hallway untreated for hours

When residents in Kentucky contact emergency services for medical assistance, they anticipate prompt evaluation and treatment of their symptoms. Unfortunately, some patients may not receive adequate care as quickly as expected. Sadly, a man in another state died after he was allegedly left in a hospital hallway for three hours without receiving necessary medical evaluation and treatment. His family has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking more than $15,000 for their financial and emotional losses.

The 49-year-old man’s family reports that he was suffering extreme pain in his abdomen, chest and neck. They requested the assistance of an ambulance to quickly get him medical evaluation and treatment for his symptoms. Upon arrival at the hospital, the facility had no room for him in the rooms of the emergency department, and he was placed on a stretcher in the hall. Reportedly, the man complained that he suffered the maximum level of pain that can be documented, but allegedly nurses did not document his extreme level of pain.

While the patient remained in the hall, nurses allegedly failed to monitor the patient’s vital signs in regular intervals and failed to inform physicians of his pain level. The man died just three hours after his arrival, and it was determined that he suffered an aortic dissection. Sadly, if prompt evaluation and treatment had been offered, he might not have died.

Understandably, it is difficult for a family to comprehend and cope with the loss of a loved one that may have been prevented. Families of deceased loved ones who suspect their loss may be due to negligence could benefit from the advice of medical malpractice attorneys in Kentucky to understand their rights and options to seek compensation in civil court. A monetary judgment does not eliminate the grief a family will experience, but it may offer financial relief from unexpected medical and funeral expenses as well as other documented financial losses.

Source:, “Middle-Aged Man Dies Seeking Care, Left in Hallway at Waterbury Hospital: Lawsuit“, Gabriella Iannetta, June 29, 2017


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