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Working to reduce risk in giving birth

Life is complicated, messy and chaotic. It is also beautiful. One of its most beautiful and rewarding moments comes in childbirth.

It’s also a dangerous moment in life. For the baby, one of the greatest dangers is in lack of oxygen. Far too often, the condition results in birth injuries that last a lifetime.

But childbirth is also a dangerous time for the mother, as many Covington moms will attest. Because the placenta detaches from blood vessels during childbirth, some women are prone to heavy bleeding afterwards. Experts say the bleeding happens when the woman’s uterus does not properly contract after she gives birth.

Unfortunately, the doctor and birthing team sometimes misses this common condition, resulting in excessive blood loss. The loss is sometimes so extreme that it results in the death of the woman.

A newspaper article reports that some Philadelphia hospitals are working to help doctors and nurses recognize the condition and react quickly and effectively. The goal is not only to save lives, but also to spare the hospitals the heavy cost of medical malpractice claims.

The birthing team practices its response, honing communications skills critical in these situations. A nurse who participated in the training said “it mimicked the chaos” of medical emergencies.

The training has helped health systems reduce medical malpractice expenses by 26 percent over the past 5 years, the newspaper reported.

Women who have suffered injuries in childbirth, or have had their child suffer birth injuries, can speak with Covington attorneys experienced in medical malpractice litigation. An attorney at The Lawrence Firm with a track record of success in this complex area of law can help you understand your legal options.


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