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When accident scenes lead to more accidents…

When accident scenes lead to more accidents…

Most people are aware of the most dangerous situations on the road: rainy and wet pavement, construction zones, ice and snow, high-density traffic situations, etc. But one dangerous condition many people don’t consider is accident scenes.

In a tragic accident earlier this week, a motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries after driving into the car in front of him on Interstate 75. A line of cars slowed down in front of him because they were trying to avoid an accident on the side of road, according to a news report from

What makes accident scenes so dangerous?

For one thing, most people aren’t thinking about the dangers involved with navigating through an accident scene. In fact, many people are busy looking away from the road to see the accident scene. This reduced attention to driving can cause people to drive erratically, slowing and swerving suddenly and increasing the danger for other drivers.

The rapid change of speed of other drivers on the highway can result in multiple motor vehicle accidents. As we see in this tragic Kentucky news story, the results can be disastrous.

If you are driving near an accident scene, do not let curiosity get the best of you. It’s better not to look, keep paying attention to the road, and avoid an accident of your own. If you have been hurt in a serious auto accident or if a loved one has suffered fatal injuries, talk with an experienced Covington personal injury lawyer at The Lawrence Firm today.


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