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Victims of truck accidents may experience finanical loss

Many motor vehicle drivers fear traveling alongside tractor-trailer trucks. It is well-known that a tractor-trailer’s large size can result in serious damage to a smaller vehicle and its occupants in a collision. Established regulations for truck companies and law enforcement of those regulations attempt to lessen the chance of a truck accidents, but unfortunately, they still occur. Recently in Kentucky, a man suffered serious injuries after being involved in an accident with a semi.

The accident occurred in the afternoon near an intersection leading to the interstate. Initial investigation revealed that the truck driver may not have yielded to oncoming traffic as the driver attempted to turn onto the interstate ramp. Reports state that the truck driver should have yielded to the sedan before entering the roadway.

Instead, the truck struck the sedan and caused serious injury to the 28-year-old male driver. His injuries were so severe that authorities determined he needed to be transported by air to a specialized medical center. Reportedly, the truck driver did not suffer any injuries.

Victims may face a multitude of complications in the aftermath of a crash. Accidents can result in property damage, physical injury and financial stress from unexpected expenses. Although a necessary expense, medical treatment is expensive and costs can accumulate quickly.  Kentucky attorneys with experience dealing with truck companies can advise victims in similar truck accidents of their rights and options for recovery of financial losses. Compensation will not reverse the effects of an accident, but it may help to relieve some of the unexpected financial burden.

Source:, “Driver airlifted after crash involving car, semi in Calvert City”, May 18, 2017


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