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Truck accidents: Safety measures are needed on dangerous highway

Due the massive size of semitrailers and other commercial vehicles, these rigs have the potential to be significantly more dangerous than other vehicles on the road. Semitrailers are harder to stop and less maneuverable than smaller vehicles, which are often factors in commercial truck accidents. It is also not uncommon for truck drivers to lose focus due to their long and exhausting driving schedules. Several commercial vehicle accidents along Highway 101 in Kentucky between Scottsville and Smiths Grove have prompted authorities to increase safety measures.

This dangerous stretch of road has seen eight commercial vehicle wrecks in less than a year and three within the last two months, according to Kentucky State Police. Residents who live in the area say that increased safety measures are needed. A representative from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reiterates the residents’ concerns and says that trucks are not supposed to be using the road. The representative says that semitrailers can use roads such as Highway 101, but only up to 15 miles off an interstate or state-designated route.

One resident says she fears for the safety of her children who are drivers, and claims that she has spoken with truck drivers who have fallen off the highway. Apparently, many truck drivers cannot get turned around once they discover the highway is not a good route to take. Reportedly, state officials are working to install signage that will direct truck drivers away from from Highway 101 and on to a safer, alternative route.

When passenger vehicles are in accidents with commercial vehicles, the odds for serious injury increase drastically because of the sheer size of these vehicles. Families of those injured or killed in truck accidents could benefit from discussions with a knowledgeable attorney. A successful Cincinnati or Covington personal injury claim could result in much-needed compensation to help victims and families through this difficult and traumatic experience.

Source:, “Multiple semi-truck accidents result in increased safety measures on Highway 101“, Darby Beane, May 16, 2018


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