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Truck accidents: Police officer killed in tragic crash

Semitrailers are massive vehicles and sharing roadways with these trucks can definitely be intimidating for other drivers. In Kentucky, the drivers of these commercial vehicles are required to posses special licenses only acquired by undergoing rigorous training. However, training does not necessarily prevent drivers from making mistakes. Unfortunately, truck accidents commonly result in serious injuries or death due to the size of the vehicles and force of the collisions.

Recently, a Louisville police officer was killed in a tragic accident involving a semitrailer. According to reports, the officer was conducting a routine traffic stop during the overnight hours on a well-traveled highway. Reportedly, the officer’s vehicle was in the right lane of the highway with the emergency lights activated, along with a pickup truck that the officer had stopped. Reports said a semitrailer traveling east violently struck the back of the officer’s car while she was inside. The impact of the collision knocked the officer’s car into the pickup truck.

The officer’s car caught fire, causing massive damage to the vehicle, police said. Tragically, the police officer died in the crash, while the four occupants in the pickup truck were not injured. Authorities said the driver of the semitrailer was suspected of being intoxicated and was arrested. Police charged the driver with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs and murder of a police officer.

Semitrailers are an effective and economical way to transport merchandise and other goods. However, these large trucks can be extremely dangerous to those in smaller passenger vehicles. Families in Kentucky who have suffered the loss of loved ones in truck accidents could benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable attorney. Much-needed and deserved compensation can come from a successfully litigated lawsuit.


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