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Truck accidents, medical bills, and liability

If you’re traveling along a Kentucky highway and the driver of a tractor-trailer speeding alongside you loses operating control and crashes into your vehicle, who is financially responsible for your injuries and/or those of your passengers? Although the answer typically depends on several key factors, the gist of it is that any party deemed negligent may face claims for monetary relief in civil court. Truck accidents, in particular, often result in catastrophic, if not fatal injuries.

Those who survive injuries suffered in truck accidents are often left partially or fully disabled. Many face financial devastation, as well, particularly if they are unable to return to the workplace. Ongoing medical treatment, physical therapy and other living assistance can obviously add further financial burdens to an already difficult situation.

Where truck drivers are concerned, it is not uncommon for investigators to find driver fatigue, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other negligent factors as main causes for collisions. For most truckers, time is money; the more distance they cover in less time, the better. This often leads to driving at excessive speeds, which in turn places all motorists nearby at risk for injury.

Those injured in Kentucky truck accidents wishing to file claims against those parties deemed negligent can contact The Lawrence Firm, PSC. We are fully prepared to aggressively litigate your situation, if needed; however, many times it is possible to resolve such issues out of court. Helping you obtain maximum compensation for the damages you have sustained is one of our highest priorities.


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