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The high cost of limbs lost in trucking accidents

Commercial trucks are so much larger than the typical passenger vehicle that they can cause horrific damage to the vehicle and catastrophic injuries to the passengers inside. Incidents involving the shearing or crushing of parts of a vehicle are common in commercial truck collisions.

Whether another vehicle slides under the bigger commercial truck or part of a vehicle gets pinched between the cab and the trailer during a jackknifing accident, the potential exists for the people in the smaller vehicle to wind up losing a hand, foot, arm or leg as a result of the accident.

Sometimes, the trauma of the accident itself results in immediate amputation, while other people may have suffered such severe physical injuries that medical professionals simply cannot save the extremity or limb from amputation. Regardless of which occurs, the victim in the crash will have massive expenses to deal with.

Surgery and aftercare are costly

Amputation may seem like a crude medical procedure on the surface, but in most modern surgical settings, it is a delicate and precise operation that involves careful handling of blood vessels, capillaries and nerves to reduce the overall physical impact of the injury and loss.

In some cases, an amputation surgery could last several hours, as could corrective surgery to the tissue around the site of a traumatic amputation that occurred in the accident. Those massive and protracted surgeries also carry steep price tags. The surgery may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The victim may also have to pay for multiple days or even weeks of hospitalization for care and observation after the amputation. A long stay in a rehabilitative facility is also likely, both after the surgery and then after any prosthesis they receive.

Prosthetic limbs and hands will cost quite a bit, with cutting-edge options likely not covered by insurance. Victims of crashes with big trucks can expect very large medical bills at the same time that they are unable to work because of their catastrophic injury.

A lawsuit can connect you with the care you need

There’s a common saying that you get what you pay for. That is as true in medicine as it is in other parts of life. If you want the best and most functional prosthesis, the most supportive rehabilitation and physical therapy services, and excellent treatment by skilled surgeons, you will need to have access to substantial financial support.

Your personal health insurance policy likely won’t cover the costs of an injury related to a car accident, and a vehicle policy may not provide enough coverage to offset even the initial surgery, to say nothing of ongoing care and support.

In some circumstances, the only viable option is a lawsuit against the commercial driver or their employer if company policy or maintenance issues played a role in the crash. Discussing the specific scenario of your injury with an attorney can help you best understand your options for compensation after a catastrophic truck accidents in Kentucky.


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