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An incorrect diagnosis is a common form of medical malpractice

When Kentucky citizens seek medical treatment, the furthest thing from their minds is the possibility of being permanently injured. Those who are suffering ailments seek treatment in order to get better and recuperate, not get worse. Unfortunately, an alarming number of people are injured or killed every day across the country as a result of medical malpractice. Just one seemingly minor lapse in judgment by doctors or nurses can result in catastrophic injuries to the patient.

Recently, a lawsuit filed by the family of a woman in another state ended with the family receiving an award of over $7 million. Allegedly, the woman visited an emergency room with a chronic cough and an X-ray showed a mass in her lungs. The lawsuit said the woman was admitted to the hospital a few weeks later, and an MRI showed lesions that could have meant a brain infection or that cancer had spread from the woman’s lungs.

Reportedly, the woman had a brain infection, but according to claims, doctors ignored the signs of a brain infection and focused on possible lung cancer instead. Allegedly, due to the untreated infection, the woman suffered permanent brain damage. The family says she lost the use of her legs and left arm and has to permanently live in a nursing home. A jury sided with the plaintiffs and awarded them a total of $7.4 million.

In most cases, a correct and timely diagnosis is absolutely crucial to the survival and recovery of the patient. When doctors misjudge or incorrectly diagnose an ailment, the patient ultimately suffers. Those in Kentucky who have been injured or have lost loved ones due to medical malpractice can take a stand and file a lawsuit. A successful claim could result in substantial compensation to help with medical expenses and other financial burdens.


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