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Patient successfully sues trash-talking doctor

As patients, we put our trust in our doctors, especially when those doctors are about to use anesthesia. After all, as we drift off, we are leaving everything in their control, trusting that things will turn out.

Most of the time it works out just fine. But one man east of Covington found out what his doctor really talked about while he was under anesthesia. Using his cellphone, he recorded the entire conversation — and learned that his doctor and others and mocked him, hurled insults, and called him names as soon as he was under.

“After five minutes of talking to you in pre-op,” the anesthesiologist said to the sedated man, “I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit,” his recording revealed.

While the patient was undergoing a colonoscopy, the anesthesiologist joked that he might have syphilis or “tuberculosis in the penis,” called him a “big wimp” and “retard” as well.

The good news is that after the man recovered from the shock of listening to the doctor’s vicious diatribe, he took the recording to a medical malpractice attorney to find out if he had legal options in the matter.

The attorney and patient decided that they did indeed have viable options, so they filed a claim against the anesthesiologist in Reston, Virginia, arguing that the man had not only been subject to medical malpractice but defamation as well, according to a news report.

After a three-day trial, the jury ruled against the doctor, awarding the man $100,000 for defamation, $200,000 for medical malpractice, and another $200,000 in punitive damages.

A juror said later that the punitive damages are “to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

While this is a rare type of malpractice, few would argue that by the end of the legal process that the physician and her patient did not each get what they deserve.

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