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Patient may have died from hospital medical malpractice

No matter the child’s age, no parent in Kentucky desires for a child’s life to end prematurely. A mother in another state claims she suffered the loss of her adult daughter due to inadequate and negligent care by the hospital medical staff. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in a civil court against the hospital. She hopes the lawsuit will help find answers regarding the circumstances around her daughter’s death.

Pain in the 22-year-old woman’s leg led her to an emergency room. Despite repeated requests for an MRI to evaluate her leg pain, she was only examined with an X-ray, given a leg brace and prescribed pain medications prior to her discharge. Sadly, her daughter died just three weeks later. It was discovered after her death that she died of a fatal pulmonary embolism that likely began as a blood clot in her leg.

The lawsuit claims that the hospital and medical staff believed that the patient did not have health insurance, and therefore did not sufficiently diagnose or treat the daughter for her leg pain. The medical facility denies that any treatment was withheld or altered based on whether she did or did not have insurance coverage. The lawsuit also highlights several details in the patient’s health record that were incorrectly recorded.

Unfortunately, had the patient’s blood clot initially been discovered and treated accordingly, her death may have been avoided. At this time it is unknown if the patient’s blood clot would have been visible on an MRI, but the mother believes she was never given the opportunity for a correct diagnosis. A civil court will evaluate the evidence presented and determine if the hospital exhibited negligence in the patient’s case, and compensation may be granted to the mother for burial related expenses, emotional loss and other documented damages. Medical malpractice attorneys in Kentucky can advise surviving family members with similar cases of their litigation rights in a local civil court.

Source:, “Daughter’s death leads to lawsuit against Centennial Hills Hospital“, Lesley Marin, March 23, 2017


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