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Over $1 million awarded to husband in medical malpractice lawsuit

It goes with saying that the death of a loved one is an event that no person wants to experience. Losing a family member is hard enough, but when a loved one’s death is the result of medical malpractice, the experience can be traumatic and absolutely devastating. Doctors and medical professionals in Kentucky are required to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and treat patients with care. Unfortunately, these days, this doesn’t always happen.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit after his wife died due to alleged negligence during her medical care. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s wife had been experiencing painful headaches and sought treatment at a medical center. The suit said the woman’s doctors attributed her headaches to caffeine intake, did not order any further tests and sent her home.

A few weeks later, the husband said he found his wife unresponsive in their home. He claimed the wife suffered a brain hemorrhage and never regained consciousness. Allegedly, his wife’s hemorrhage was caused by tangled abnormal blood vessels in her brain. The plaintiff accused her doctor’s of negligence and claimed his wife’s death could have been prevented had her doctors ordered the necessary tests. A jury sided with the plaintiff and awarded him a verdict of $1.25 million in damages.

When doctors and medical providers fail to perform their duties, patients and families suffer the consequences. Kentucky families who have experienced the death of a loved one due to medical malpractice can take legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in a substantial monetary award to help families pay end-of-life expenses and other financial losses.


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