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Ohio VA facility the center of malpractice claims

The kinds of hospital mistakes that lead to patient injury often defy reason. The Dayton VA Medical Center has been at the center of a number of allegations that eventually led to a $940,000 settlement. What has been asserted is that a dentist at the Ohio facility implemented improper hygiene procedures that have possibly led to 22 medical malpractice claims. Many of these came about after infection was reported among a number of patients.

There have been as many as 72 total medical malpractice claims at the facility since 2007 and perhaps as many as eight deaths. Besides the payout that has already been made, pending claims are seeking as much as $6.7 million for compensation.

One patient at the facility died of an infection after hip surgery in 2007 as apparently no one checked the patient’s vital signs in the hours before his death. Another patient died due to an assault. Still another patient died after receiving an incorrect dosage of medication.

The number of medical malpractice claims filed against VA hospitals nationwide has risen significantly in recently years. This may be in part because of the amount of transparency of such hospitals in reporting errors. However, merely reporting such errors does not mean that such facilities should be held unaccountable.

Injured patients and their family members may find it helpful to meet with an attorney experienced in the medical malpractice area. We would hope that hospitals treating our veterans would be providing them with the best possible care. Yet patients are allegedly dying due to infections resulting from poor hygiene and because the vital signs were not checked. Such a situation needs to be changed.

Source: Claims Journal, “Ohio VA Clinic Paid $940K in Cases Over 8 Deaths,” March 13, 2012


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