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Motor vehicle accidents and concussion: Diagnosis and treatment

Motor vehicle accidents and concussion Diagnosis and treatment

A motor vehicle accident can cause a variety of injuries, so it’s critical to receive immediate medical attention. This is particularly true if you have reason to believe you have a brain injury, such as a concussion.

A visit to the emergency room will put you in good hands, as your medical team can examine you, provide a diagnosis and begin the treatment process.

Your doctor is likely to do the following:

  • Ask you several questions, such as if you remember the events leading up to the injury
  • Perform a neurological examination
  • Cognitive testing
  • Order imaging tests, such as a CT scan and MRI

Depending on their findings, they may suggest that you stay overnight in the hospital for observation. Even if you’re released, someone should stay with you at home for a minimum of 24 hours.

What’s the best treatment for a concussion?

Once your doctor better understands the severity of your concussion, they can work with you to implement a treatment strategy that gives you the best chance of making a fast and full recovery.

The best treatment for a concussion is rest. You should avoid mental and physical exertion while you recover, as neglecting to do so increases the risk of lingering symptoms and post-concussion syndrome.

While resting, you should limit activity that requires mental concentration, such as playing video games, watching television or using a computer or smartphone.

Also, your doctor may suggest that you shorten your workday and take regular breaks throughout the day to rest your brain.

For headaches and other discomfort, there are pain medications, such as Tylenol, that can help. Avoid pain relievers, such as Advil and Motrin, as these increase the risk of bleeding. Your doctor can give you a list of acceptable pain relievers.

As you recover, take notes regarding your symptoms. If your symptoms linger, your doctor may want to run additional testing to ensure that you don’t have another type of injury.

When time allows, learn more about the cause of your accident and who was responsible with the help of a Kentucky car accident attorney.

A concussion is a serious injury, so don’t hesitate to protect your legal rights in Kentucky and seek compensation from the negligent party.

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