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Medical malpractice suit involving young girls draws attention

It’s common knowledge that physicians are some of the smartest and most capable members of society. Kentucky patients trust that their doctors will give them the appropriate treatment to bring about healing and recovery. Successful medical treatment is a process, and patients can experience major complications if any step is missed during their treatment, no matter how minor the mistake may initially seem. Tragically, medical malpractice continues to be one of the major causes of injury and death in the United States.

A lawsuit involving a children’s hospital in another state has gained national attention. According to claims, a young girl was mistakenly held in the hospital for many months. The girl, who was 14 at the time, was being treated for a mitochondrial disease known as Tufts, the lawsuit said. This disease usually causes muscle and nerve issues.

The family claims that they took their daughter to the defendant’s facility for treatment while on a trip. Allegedly, doctors at the hospital placed the young girl in the psychiatric ward against her parents’ wishes. The plaintiffs say that the state took custody of their daughter, and she was held in the hospital for 17 months against their wishes. They accuse the girl’s doctors of negligence.

When a patient seeks medical treatment, the furthest thing from his or her mind is the possibility of sustaining debilitating injuries. Although regulations and technology have improved healthcare by leaps and bounds, mistakes will still happen. Those in Kentucky who have suffered due to medical malpractice may want to consider seeking the services of a legal representative. Damages from a successful lawsuit could give victims and families financial relief during this time of need.


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