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Medical malpractice suit alleges surgery left woman paralyzed

Medical malpractice suit alleges surgery left woman paralyzed

Back and spinal injuries are some of the most debilitating and painful injuries any Kentucky resident can experience. These types of ailments require meticulous care and, oftentimes, surgery. Any deviation from the accepted standard of care can result in permanent disabilities. A medical malpractice lawsuit in another state alleged that negligent care during a spinal surgery resulted in a woman suffering paralysis.

The lawsuit said the plaintiff suffered from back pain and underwent a procedure to implant spinal cord stimulator paddles to alleviate her pain. Just prior to the procedure, the lawsuit alleged that the plaintiff showed abnormal neurological responses, but the surgeon proceeded with the surgery regardless. After the surgery, the plaintiff claimed she could not move and experienced bowel and bladder dysfunction.

Allegedly, the plaintiff was discharged from the hospital despite her obvious disabilities. The woman claims she now experiences paralysis, requires a wheelchair to get around and relies on her husband for basic tasks such as showering and getting dressed. The lawsuit accuses the woman’s surgeon of negligence and says the surgeon did not conduct a required CT scan that would have prompted adjustments to her procedure, thus preventing her current injuries. The plaintiff seeks damages in excess of $3 million.

During medical treatment, any error or mishap can injure a patient for the rest of his or her life. Families in Kentucky who have been affected by medical malpractice like this may want to discuss the matter with a legal representative. Damages from a successful claim could provide families with much-needed financial relief to help them recover from this type of traumatic experience.


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