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Man settles medical malpractice lawsuit for $750,000

Kentucky patients are typically informed prior to surgeries that risks are a possibility. Simple short procedures often implicate that less risks may be involved. Unfortunately for one man in another state, a simple one hour procedure became more complicated than anticipated and resulted in a massive stroke. He has recently settled his medical malpractice lawsuit with the hospital that performed the procedure for $750,000.

The Army veteran’s physician determined that the patient’s carotid artery was congested and needed to be cleared. The procedure to clean out the carotid artery was supposed to last only one hour. Once the physician began the procedure, it was discovered that the man’s carotid artery did not need to be cleared out as previously diagnosed, but complications arose before the doctor could finish. The procedure lasted four additional hours, and the veteran suffered a serious stroke.

Apparently, the patient was also instructed to discontinue his baby aspirin a week prior to his procedure. The medical standard is to continue anti-clotting medicines such as aspirin prior to many procedures to help prevent complications such as strokes. Reportedly, the hospital no longer instructs patients to halt their anti-clotting medicines. Unfortunately, the veteran has not fully recovered from his stroke. He does not have full function of one of his arms, struggles with speech and struggles to walk at times.

Although, the man’s settlement will not reinstate his quality of life that he enjoyed prior to his stroke, it may help improve some of it for the remainder of his life. A Kentucky patient facing a similar situation may experience unexpected medical and therapy bills that may create financial stress. Medical malpractice attorneys can evaluate individual cases and advise patients of their legal options according to their unique situations to possibly recoup financial losses.

Source:, “Veteran settles medical malpractice lawsuit with McGuire VA Medical Center”, Parker Slaybaugh, May 12, 2017


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