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Family files medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital

Sepsis is a serious and potentially fatal stage of infection if left untreated. Unfortunately, for one family in a state adjacent to Kentucky, they lost their loved one as a result of sepsis. They have filed a medical malpractice wrongful lawsuit, alleging that she did not receive adequate medical care prior to her death.

The 50-year-old woman sought medical care at emergency room for a high fever and other related ill symptoms. According to her family, she never saw a medical doctor; instead, she was evaluated by a physician’s assistant. Attorneys are arguing that the lab results in her medical records evidenced a urinary tract infection, and may have confirmed the seriousness of her complaints. Despite abnormal labs, she was discharged from the emergency room three hours after she arrived. According to records, she was not given antibiotics for her infection.

A little more than 24 hours later, the woman returned to the emergency room with continued complaints. On arrival she had an abnormal increased heart rate and high blood pressure. According to the family, she was again seen only by a physician’s assistant. The physician’s assistant admitted the woman to the hospital due to her symptoms and abnormal vital signs, but it may have been too late. She died the next day in the hospital.

The family’s medical malpractice attorneys are alleging that the hospital and the physician’s assistance negligence regarding the woman’s infection resulted in her unnecessary death. The family is seeking compensation to cover unexpected funeral expenses, medical bills and emotional suffering for an undisclosed amount exceeding $25,000. Any person in Kentucky who has lost a loved one due to possibly negligent care may benefit from speaking with an experienced medical malpractice attorney about one’s legal rights and options.

Source:, “Dead woman’s family sues hospital, says she wasn’t seen by doctor“, Mark Gokavi, May 5, 2017


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