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Childhood brain injuries require a lifetime of recovery

Researchers recently published a discussion concerning children that have suffered a brain injury during pediatric care. Sadly, for Ohio and Kentucky parents of brain-injured children, the conclusions of leading experts were not encouraging. The overall conclusion was that the recovery process for such children suffering brain injuries would generally last an entire lifetime.

An excerpt of the article stated: “Recovery extends well beyond the technical period of rehabilitation. Children, adolescents, and families struggle to regain the momentum of their life so as to reduce problems, increase opportunity, and support increased participation in work, play, home, and relationships.” Though some recovery is possible, generally much of the recovery occurs in-home and in school. At some point, there is little that medical intervention can do to correct the problem.

Children that do suffer a brain injury often have difficulty adjusting socially to their environment. Such children frequently suffer from low self-esteem, and they often lack the skills that will instill confidence or help themselves succeed.

It is thought that rehabilitation may increase the sense of self-worth in brain-damaged children. There is also hope that reentry into a school will help such children better cope.

None of this, of course, can be accomplished in a vacuum. Rehabilitation, medical care, and instruction to parents to help them deal with a brain-injured child all cost money. After a number of corrective surgeries and paying for additional services to care for the child, money is one thing such parents often do not have.

Attorneys experienced in the medical malpractice area can often help. Such attorneys can prosecute medical providers guilty of negligence, and, if necessary, these attorneys can also negotiate with medical malpractice insurers.

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Source: Medical News Today, “Lifetime Recovery Process For Pediatric Brain Injury,” July 11, 2012


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