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Woman files medical malpractice claim for surgical complications

Some disorders and diseases do not require medical treatment. Depending on the disease, many Kentucky doctors may encourage a wait-and-see approach. If optional surgeries or treatments are available, risks may be involved, especially when medical errors are made. One woman in another state is requesting $6 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit from the hospital where she received an optional brain surgery.

The 74-year-old woman was diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumor on her brain. According to reports and medical experts, her type of tumor grows very slowly. Because of its slow growing characteristics, many physicians opt to monitor the patient’s condition as treatment. Instead, her doctor encouraged her to have it surgically removed.

The woman had the surgery and it included removing part of her skull, placing a metal mesh and screws. Within a month of the surgery, she began having complications. According to other medical professionals, the best treatment would have been to remove the woman’s mesh and replace it with a new one, but her physician only treated her with antibiotics. After complaints of headaches and pain, her doctor agreed to remove the mesh seven months after her initial surgery. Unfortunately, the mesh was not easily removed, and the woman suffered a stroke due to the complications of the surgery.

The woman has not lived the life she knew prior to the surgery; she has required physical, occupational and speech therapy and has needed to live in a nursing facility for daily help. Reportedly, she still suffers from headaches, pain and vision loss. Anyone that has suffered a similar surgical complication may experience similar life-altering effects. Not only is life not enjoyed as it was previously, but therapy and medical expenses can add up quickly. Medical malpractice attorneys in Kentucky can advise patients of their options and rights to seek possible compensation for associated financial loss.

Source:, “Woman asking for $6 million in medical malpractice claim against UIHC“, June 2, 2017


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