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Why may a spinal cord injury mean major life changes?

Spinal cord injuries are possible during a car wreck. For the people who have to deal with this type of injury, there are often a lot of questions that come up. In the initial days after the crash, the primary concern is usually how much function will be recovered.

As time progresses after the car crash, the mind might turn to how to make life easier to enjoy. When victims have a basic understanding of how the spinal cord works, they may be able to improve their own healing process.

Will my spinal cord fully heal?

It is possible for the spinal cord to heal in the days and weeks following the injury. When you are first injured, the damage to the spinal cord will trigger a response that releases toxic chemicals. This increases the damage in the area.

Another reaction is swelling. Trying to reduce these triggers can help to prevent further damage. Additionally, as the swelling goes down, you might find that you have an increase in function in the affected areas. Since some of the cells in the central nervous system are specialized, they can’t go through the process of creating new cells. Unfortunately, this means that some of the damage from the injury is permanent.

Why do spinal cord injuries have such a great impact?

The spinal cord is responsible to relay messages throughout the body. When this pathway is interrupted, the signals are altered, delayed or stopped completely. The area below the spot where the spinal cord is injured is what is going to be impacted. This means that if your injury is at the neck, everything from your shoulders and lower will be affected. You might find that things you once took for granted are now impossible or very difficult. Modifications might help, but you may need extensive help with other tasks.

After a spinal cord injury, you may find that you are facing costly medical care bills and other related expenses. This can come at a time when you realize that you are unable to return to work. One option is to seek compensation from the driver who struck you, as well as any other liable parties who may be held financially responsible for the wreck.


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