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Mother awarded $50 million in medical malpractice claim

For parents in Kentucky and across the country, the birth of a child is a memorable event full of joy and amazement. However, childbirth is a delicate process that requires extreme care and attention. Negligence or a lapse in judgment by doctors or medical care providers can result in injuries to both the mother and infant. Unfortunately, injuries during childbirth are often suffered for a lifetime. In another state, a mother filed a lawsuit after her son suffered permanent injuries due to alleged medical malpractice during his birth.

According to the lawsuit, the mother’s ultrasound results indicated that the infant did not move for nearly six hours while she was in labor. Allegedly, the mother alerted her caretakers that she could not feel her child moving. However, her concerns were ignored, the lawsuit alleged.

The lawsuit said the child was born with brain damage. Reportedly, experts testified that the boy’s brain injuries could have been prevented had providers performed a cesarean section birth. Now, the boy, who is 5 years old, can’t walk, speak or sit up on his own. A jury awarded the mother $50 million in damages.

For a country as advanced as the United States, far too many mothers and children suffer injuries during birth. Families in Kentucky who have been affected by medical malpractice during birth or any other medical procedure can take action by consulting an experienced attorney. A lawsuit, if successful, could result in monetary damages to help victims and families pay medical expenses and recover financial losses that may have occurred due to this traumatizing experience.


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