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Medical malpractice lawsuit alleges improper diagnosis

When it comes to successful medical treatment, a timely and correct diagnosis is often the first and most important step. If an illness or medical condition is not recognized or properly diagnosed, how can it be treated? Unfortunately, this type of medical malpractice is not uncommon for patients in Kentucky and across the country. A lawsuit filed in another state claims that doctors failed to diagnose a spinal infection that left a man suffering injuries.

Apparently, the man was complaining of back pain and was having trouble taking deep breaths. After visiting a hospital, the lawsuit says that the man was examined by a physician, diagnosed with pleurisy and discharged. Allegedly, the man returned to the hospital the next day with complaints of worsening pain in his back, only to be discharged again with the same diagnosis.

According to the lawsuit, the man lost feeling in both legs and fell a few days later. He was taken to the emergency room where it was discovered that the man had an abscess in his back, the lawsuit alleged. The plaintiff claims he was unable to walk for seven to eight weeks and still suffers from limited mobility.

Despite vast knowledge and years of experience, doctors can still fail to diagnose a disease or medical problem. Unfortunately, the patient will suffer the consequences of a mistake. When medical malpractice causes injury or death, victims and families in Kentucky can take action by contacting a knowledgeable attorney. A successfully litigated claim could result in much-needed compensation to help families get through this traumatic experience.


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