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Kentucky joins lawsuit against opioid provider

Here in Kentucky, our residents have suffered repeated, ongoing injuries due to abusive practices by opioid painkiller providers. For those who struggle with opioids, as well as for their loved ones, the damage is enormous.

Only a decade or so ago, many opioid providers used unfair, dangerous practices to spread their products, resulting in life-altering dependencies for many residents of Kentucky. Now, the state is pushing back, joining a lawsuit against a California-based opioid provider over claims that it supplied some counties with far too many doses of opioid painkillers for the population to practically use in a safe manner.

“Corporate profits over human life”

After reviewing the evidence, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear announced recently that Kentucky joined several other states suing the provider, based on the sheer volume of painkillers the company chose to distribute within the state, as well as other factors.

While victims still have a long road to travel before they see any justice, it is encouraging to see public officials standing up for the rights and protections of residents rather than large, out-of-state company profits.

Beshear took the opportunity to call out the provider for “[choosing] profits over the lives of Kentuckians,” noting that, should the lawsuit prove successful, it will not be the first time that the company shelled out serious settlement cash. After previous federal complaints, the company settled to the tune of $13 million in 2013 and more than $150 million in 2017.

The toll of opioids on the state is galling to say the least. In 2016, more than 1,400 individuals died because of drug overdoses. Almost all of these overdoses were opioid painkillers or other illegal drugs like heroin, which opioid addicts often resort to when they cannot access prescription opioids.

The lawsuit alleges that the company failed to alert authorities to the unjustifiable qualities of opioid painkillers flowing into certain counties, often supplying enough doses for every man, woman and child in a single county to use several times over.

Protect the ones you love

If you believe that you suffer from opioid addiction, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. An experienced attorney can help you assess your experience and the factors contributing to your suffering, allowing you to focus on getting the treatment that you need while keeping your rights protected.

Don’t hesitate to take whatever steps are necessary to fight back against opioid addiction, for your own sake and the sake of those you love.


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