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Johnson & Johnson powder may cause ovarian cancer

Recently, many lawsuits have been brought against Johnson & Johnson for the dangers of some of their products. The products associated with this risk are talc powders: Johnson’s baby powder and Shower to Shower hygiene powder. Using these powders in the vaginal area has caused many women to develop ovarian cancer.

Talc has long been shown to be linked with cancer but consumers are not warned about this before purchasing Johnson & Johnson products. Thousands upon thousands of women now seek to file a lawsuit because they are suffering from ovarian cancer after using the powder for years or even decades.

Apparently, Johnson & Johnson has known about the dangers of their talc-based products since the 1970’s. However, they never released any safety information or put out any sort of warning about the potential risks of using their products. The products themselves also do not have any sort of warning label about the potential for increased risk of cancer.

A few large lawsuits have already been won against the company, and thousands of other lawsuits have been filed as well, showing the scope of people affected by the product. Unlike other cases of defective or harmful products, though, these powders are not recalled products. They are still readily available on store shelves everywhere.

Though they can still be purchased, it may be wise to refrain from buying or using these products until action has been taken to dispel the risks. If you already frequently use these powders, it may be best to stop using them until further notice is given about the product’s risks and/or the company’s actions regarding these lawsuits. If you have used these powders in the past or are currently using them and you develop ovarian cancer, you might have a claim against Johnson & Johnson.


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