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How Dangerous is the Wrong Medical Diagnosis?

How Dangerous is the Wrong Medical Diagnosis

One of the most common and dangerous negligent practices in the medical field is giving a patient the wrong diagnosis. The implications of such an error may prove far-reaching.

Patients may face struggles when a medical professional draws the wrong conclusion from tests or fails to order them. Dive into some things that may go wrong when a doctor gives the incorrect diagnosis.

It delays the proper treatment

Doctors often order testing to determine what ails a person. In the case of chronic conditions, such as lupus, doctors use the process of elimination to find the culprit. This is because chronic conditions are difficult to diagnose. A doctor may not perform the full range of testing necessary for a proper diagnosis. When this occurs, a patient may suffer further damage to organs and body systems.

It may result in pain and suffering

A patient who is not getting relief winds up with further discomfort. Pain and suffering often go along with a misdiagnosis. For instance, when dealing with cancer, the wrong diagnosis may allow a tumor to grow and put pressure on surrounding organs and tissues. It may also spread to other body areas, disrupting function and quality of life.

It wastes unnecessary money and time

Medical treatment is costly, and depending on the condition, it may need to continue for a while. Pursuing the wrong remedy costs the patient time and money. Co-payments and deductibles put towards an inaccurate course of treatment may contribute to a financial rut for an already suffering patient.

Medical missteps happen, and unfortunately, one of the most common is misdiagnosis. Pursuing second opinions and taking steps after the fact may result in the relief a patient requires to heal.


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