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How compensation is calculated for birth injuries

How compensation is calculated for birth injuries

In many cases, a birth injury profoundly predicts the course of the infant’s life. Sadly, the child might face a lifetime of disability. They may need a lot of help and accommodation to enjoy a comfortable and dignified life.

If your child’s birth injuries were the result of negligence from your doctor, nurse or another member of the medical team, that individual and the hospital they work for could be liable. If your lawsuit is successful, your child could be awarded substantial compensation — not just for the medical costs they have already incurred or the pain and suffering they have experienced, but also for the costs of their expected future care.

Planning your child’s future financial security

While the future cannot be predicted with total accuracy, it is possible to create a detailed plan for the kinds of support your child will need in the future, such as living in a specialized facility or receiving in-home professional care; equipment to aid with mobility and everyday living; and ongoing therapy and medical attention. This is known as a life care plan. Besides your child’s expected future expenses caused by medical malpractice at birth, you can also seek compensation for lost future wages if you or your spouse expect to give up your job to care for your child full-time.

Those who injured your child should pay the costs

Though your child may have a disability that will affect them for life, they may also be able to expect to enjoy a normal lifespan. Raising a child is always expensive, but the level of support and medical care your child will need will likely far exceed what you would have had to pay had your son or daughter not been the victim of medical malpractice.


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