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Holding hospitals responsible for medical malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs daily, in many forms. Sometimes, a single person may commit malpractice, or an entire institution may use unsafe practices that put patients at risk of harm. When most people think about medical malpractice, they may not realize that hospitals themselves are often held liable.

Hospitals are often difficult to understand, because they are complex organizations. However, in simple terms, a hospital is an entity with employees, and may hold liability for the actions or negligence of their employees. This is similar to other employers who hold liability for the conduct of their employees.

If you or someone you love suffered harm because of the actions or negligence of a hospital employee, or because of unsafe practices used within a hospital, you may have grounds for a malpractice claim. Building a strong claim helps ensure that your rights remain secure while you fight for a just outcome to your physical harm and other losses.

Common forms of hospital malpractice

When you enter a hospital, you have plenty on your mind. Whether you are in urgent need of emergency medical care or simply going in for a routine procedure, it is important to have faith in the qualifications of the individuals providing your care.

Hospitals employ many individuals, from highly specialized doctors to nurses, administrators, and maintenance technicians, and staff. Each of these individuals has a great responsibility, to provide or facilitate quality medical care for patients. As you enter a hospital for care, the last thing you want to be wondering is, “Did this hospital properly scrutinize their doctor’s credentials?”

As far-fetched as this may seem, doctors sometimes practice for years without proper qualifications. In some cases, hospitals simply do not perform proper due diligence to make sure that the care providers they employ actually have the experience and qualifications they claim. If you suffered harm after receiving care from a care provider without proper qualifications, this may count as malpractice on the part of the hospital.

Like any other business, hospitals have concerns about their bottom line, and often this means operating with many fewer staff on hand than the law requires. For instance, it is common for some wings of a hospital to operate with only a fraction of the nurses they should have available at any given time. While this does not implicate the nurses themselves in any wrongdoing, the hospital may hold liability if you suffer harm because of a shortage of available caregivers.

Protecting your rights to care

If you suffered harm because of hospital malpractice, it is wise to begin building a strong malpractice claim as soon as possible. The claim-building process takes time, and the longer that you wait, the more difficult it may be to seek justice for your losses and suffering. Make sure to use high-quality legal resources as you build your claim, to keep your rights secure as you work toward a just resolution.


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