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Family awarded $15 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

Anticipating the birth of a child is usually an exciting time for parents in Kentucky. Unfortunately, after the birth of a child, many parents experience heartache. Despite advances in obstetrical care over the years, errors still occur that result in harm to the mother and/or baby. Recently in another state, a family was awarded $15 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit for the injuries their daughter suffered at birth.

According to the lawsuit, the now 6-year-old child’s mother may have been overdosed with Pitocin. Pitocin is a drug frequently used to stimulate contractions in efforts to accelerate labor for some women. In some cases, Pitocin can result in strong contractions and distress for a child. Lawyers in the lawsuit allege that there was ignored evidence that the child was in distress during labor, and medical professionals did not deliver the baby soon enough by cesarean section to prevent permanent damage.

Due to the injury at birth, the child suffers with cerebral palsy. Her palsy prevents her from walking, talking and performing basic care for herself. Not only will she likely require full time care for the rest of her life, but it is anticipated she will also require expensive medical care and therapy. A bank was appointed to manage the settlement money to ensure that the funds would benefit the care of the child.

It is understandably distressing for parents to cope with a child’s injuries that may have been prevented by actions of trusted medical professionals. Added medical expenses may increase a parent’s pain while attempting to manage the financial burden from medical expenses. Medical malpractice attorneys in Kentucky can advise parents of their rights and options to pursue compensation to relieve some financial stress.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Sauk Village family reaches $15M settlement over alleged brain damage during delivery“, Becky Yerak, July 26, 2017


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