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Failing to make a proper diagnosis can be medical malpractice

Failing to make a proper diagnosis can be medical malpractice

Patients in Kentucky and across the country rely on the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals. Successful medical treatment is a step-by-step process that requires doctors and providers to be thorough and meticulous. If one step is missed in any part of the treatment process, the patient can suffer permanent or fatal injuries. Even something that seems minor, like misreading a test result, can be considered medical malpractice and have disastrous implications.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit after he suffered a stroke and was sent home after a doctor allegedly failed to properly diagnose his condition. The man said he visited the hospital with complaints of stroke-like symptoms. According to the lawsuit, the man was evaluated by the defendant, who ordered an echocardiogram and a CT scan.

The plaintiff claimed that the doctor did not order an MRI study or follow-up CT scan and instead diagnosed him with right upper extremity numbness and sent him home. The lawsuit claimed the man visited a different hospital two days later with the same symptoms and was diagnosed with a stroke. The plaintiff accuses the physician of negligence and seeks punitive and compensatory damages.

Every day, thousands of medical patients across the country place their lives in the hands of doctors and other medical providers. To successfully treat any illness, the illness must be appropriately diagnosed. An incorrect or missed diagnosis can be deadly for the patient. Kentucky families who have been affected by medical malpractice have options available to ease their pain and suffering. By filing a lawsuit, victims and families could obtain much-needed compensation to help them through this tragic experience.


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