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Anesthesia errors can be life altering for Kentucky residents

Anesthesia errors can be life altering for Kentucky residents

Going into a hospital or surgical center for surgery or any procedure that involves having to go under anesthesia is something that requires putting a lot of trust in the person administering the anesthesia. While most procedures and surgeries will happen without any issues, there is always a chance that an error will be made. Those errors can be very serious. The complications from under-administering, over-administering or incorrectly administering anesthesia can be very complex. We don’t want our Kentucky readers to think they have to face the results of anesthesia malpractice alone.

We are here to stand up for you when things go wrong with anesthesia. In some cases, the complications can be very serious or even deadly. In the case of anesthesia overdose, the blood flow to the brain can be decreased. That means that the brain might not get the oxygen it needs to function properly. Sadly, that can cause brain damage if the person survives.

There are numerous ways that anesthesia errors can affect you. Some of these ways can result in long-term care needs and other considerable costs. Our Ohio and Kentucky medical malpractice attorneys work with you to present your case for compensation in a way that shows the whole story. Let us put our experience to work for you. From investigating the error to finding the expert witnesses we need to prove your case, we can handle the legal heavy lifting so you can focus on recovering from the effects of the anesthesia error that has altered your life in a way that caused you harm.


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