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Defective jack stands may lead to products liability claims

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Products Liability

Individuals in Kentucky and elsewhere may be impacted by a recent product recall — the second of its kind by Harbor Freight in 2020. The product being recalled is a three-ton jack stand. Unfortunately, sometimes, defective products like these cause injuries to consumers, which is grounds for dangerous products liability claims.

The jack stand that is being recalled was designed to help automotive workers to support the cars they are working on. According to Harbor Freight, the stand has a defect related to welding. Unfortunately, this defective stand was actually released to replace another stand that ended up being recalled in early 2020 as a result of a manufacturing defect.

Both jack stands were manufactured under Harbor Freight’s Pittsburgh brand and feature the following stock keeping unit, or SKU, numbers: 56373 and 56371. If consumers have purchased either of these stands, they are encouraged to return them to Harbor Freight. The store can then issue the consumers store credits or full cash refunds.

At times, manufacturers produce dangerous products due to using defective processes or materials. At other times, the cause of the defect is a design-related flaw that was missed during the manufacturing or design phase. Meanwhile, some decide to sell products despite knowing that they are defective. In either of these scenarios, if consumers end up being injured due to using the defective products, they have the right to seek damages by filing dangerous products liability claims. An understanding of what facts must be proved will likely be necessary to prevail in these types of cases in Kentucky.