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Do you know how to avoid a snowy interstate pile-up?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Recently in the news, there have been several stories about injuries and deaths from interstate pile-ups. While these types of multi-vehicle crashes can happen during any season when it gets foggy, they are especially common in winter due to icy and snowy weather conditions.

How to avoid these type of collisions

When the weather is particularly bad, your best bet may be to stay off the interstates entirely. Choosing an alternate route where vehicular traffic speeds are lower and there are fewer car and large commercial trucks that can crash into you is a good option. But you also have to counter that reasoning with the fact that secondary routes don’t get cleared of snow and ice as quickly as do the interstates during inclement weather conditions. You are safest of all staying off the roads entirely.

Of course, that is often neither practical nor possible. Below are some additional suggestions for safer driving in the winter.

Slow down

It should go without saying, but slow it down when the roads are icy and the snow is blowing. It’s so easy to lose traction and start sliding uncontrollably in bad weather.

Keep your speed constant while avoiding sharp turns and fast braking. Never ride the bumper of the vehicle ahead of you in these conditions, as you likely won’t be able to stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision.

Drive defensively

Whenever you must drive in adverse weather conditions, you should be driving defensively. Watch what’s happening several car lengths ahead of you on the road. Do you see brake lights? You should reduce your speed and begin slowly braking yourself.

Are there hazards on the road ahead like loose cargo or stranded cars? Mentally review your options for avoiding crashing into it.

Eliminate distractions

Ask passengers to pipe down so you can concentrate. Turn off the radio. Forget about using your phone. You need to direct your full attention to the road conditions ahead of you.

Were you injured in an interstate pileup?

If the injuries that you suffered resulted from a multi-vehicle crash on the interstate, it can be exceedingly difficult to assess liability in these type of accidents. It’s usually easier to retain a personal injury attorney to represent your interests in the crash.