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November 2019 Archives

An unsafe environment can constitute medical malpractice

Doctors and clinicians in Kentucky and across the United States have an obligation to uphold a certain standard of care. Successful medical treatment is a meticulous process that requires focus from all medical staff and professionals. If any step is missed in this process, the lives of patients are directly put at risk. During surgical procedures especially, if the environment is not sterile, the risk of infection increases dramatically. A recent medical malpractice claim filed against a facility in another state alleged that a large number of patients may have been exposed to deadly infections.

Medical malpractice: Minor procedure ends in permanent injuries

Every day, medical patients in Kentucky place their lives in the hands of skilled and capable physicians and nurses. Patients and families trust that these skilled medical professionals will perform their duties to the best of their capabilities and conduct the appropriate tests and/or evaluations required for successful treatment. However, humans will make mistakes and when mistakes are made by medical providers, patients suffer the consequences. A medical malpractice claim filed in another state alleged that negligence by medical staff left a woman with permanent brain damage.

Outside pressure leads to distracted driving

When you think about distracted driving, and specifically about people using the phone in the car, you probably picture someone deciding to pick up their phone to text a friend or make a call. Before that, they just had the phone in their pocket or quietly sitting on the seat next to them. The decision to embrace the distraction was theirs alone.

Fatigued truckers can cause deadly crashes

Truckers have to ensure that they are driving safely when they are on the roadways. When they don't, occupants of other vehicles can suffer from injuries. One reason why these drivers might not be able to operate their rigs safely is that they are too fatigued to do so. This is a serious problem that must be addressed before a catastrophic injury occurs.

Truck accidents: Overturned trucks can cause hazardous conditions

These days, highways across the state of Kentucky are heavily utilized by tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles. It goes without saying that the massive size of tractor-trailers make them very dangerous and intimidating for motorists in passenger vehicles. However, it is not only the size of these big trucks that make them dangerous. Tractor-trailers are often used to transport fuels, oil and other hazardous materials. When truck accidents occur, it is not uncommon for trucks to overturn and spill the contents of their trailers onto the road, creating dangerous conditions for other motorists.

Mother awarded $50 million in medical malpractice claim

For parents in Kentucky and across the country, the birth of a child is a memorable event full of joy and amazement. However, childbirth is a delicate process that requires extreme care and attention. Negligence or a lapse in judgment by doctors or medical care providers can result in injuries to both the mother and infant. Unfortunately, injuries during childbirth are often suffered for a lifetime. In another state, a mother filed a lawsuit after her son suffered permanent injuries due to alleged medical malpractice during his birth.

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