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Man loses his leg due to alleged medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

Routine is a word often used to described minor surgical procedures, but the truth is that no surgery is routine. There is risk involved with every surgery, no matter how minor the procedure may be. Although modern technology has made health care more efficient and somewhat safer in America, mistakes are still made every single day. Any mistake made during a surgical procedure can mean permanent injuries and even death for patients. Every year, thousands of people in Kentucky and across the country suffer the consequences of medical malpractice.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit after he lost his leg due to alleged negligence by a doctor. According to the lawsuit, the man suffered a back injury that caused nerve damage in his leg, leaving him dealing with excruciating pain. The man said he was referred to a podiatrist and underwent a total of nine different surgeries to try to remedy the problem.

However, the lawsuit said the man suffered setbacks and his pain only became worse. Eventually, the man’s pain became so bad that he had to have his leg amputated, the lawsuit claimed. The plaintiff alleged that the podiatrist repeatedly misdiagnosed his conditions, which led to him losing his leg. He seeks $250 million in damages.

Although the state of Kentucky is home to some of the best doctors and surgeons in the country, errors will be made any time humans are involved. Those who have suffered injuries due to medical malpractice can take legal action and file a claim. A lawsuit, if successful, could result in compensation to help recover any monetary losses that may have occurred during this traumatic experience.