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Road rash has the potential to be a serious injury

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist, you probably know that road rash can be a result if you fall off your bike. Road rash occurs when the friction from the road or ground rubs off parts of the skin. Typically, lower-impact accidents result in less road rash, while high-speed friction can tear away large portions of skin.

While road rash is usually something that will heal without major complications, there are some issues that could arise if the injury is severe. In serious cases, road rash injuries may require skin grafts or surgery to close wounds and prevent scarring.

How does road rash happen?

Road rash happens when your skin scrapes against another surface. Smooth surfaces or surfaces rubbed against at lower speeds may cause only minor road rash that can be cared for at home. In minor cases, only the first layers of skin are torn away.

In severe cases, several layers of skin may be torn away from the body, going as far as to expose muscles, tendons and bones. If the injury is this severe, then the injured person must be rushed to the hospital and may need surgery to repair the injury and help it heal correctly with minimal scarring.

When do you need medical attention for road rash?

You should seek attention for road rash if you:

  • Can see muscles or bones
  • Have excessive bleeding
  • See large objects in the wound, like glass, rocks or other debris
  • See that the injury takes up a large area of a limb or your body
  • Notice pus or drainage from a wound you previously did not seek treatment for

There is a risk of infection with any case of road rash. That infection could also become life-threatening if it’s not treated quickly. Deep wounds will take longer to heal and may be more likely to develop infections, especially if they are not cleaned out well. If you require skin grafts, you should expect a longer recovery time for your skin to heal and re-grow on the parts of the body where it was removed.

With appropriate treatment, road rash does usually heal. However, it is a long and painful process for patients. During this process, you will want to have your Covington attorney negotiate for a settlement, so that you can focus on your recovery and health. Reducing stress and following medical orders will give you the best chance of a full recovery.