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February 2019 Archives

A baseball career cut short by alleged medical malpractice

The knowledgeable advice of physicians is a big part of successful treatment. After a procedure, physicians and surgeons will advise patients and families in Kentucky on how to properly care for themselves to aid in healing and recovery. Deviating from a physician's recommendations could result in injuries. A former college baseball player in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a university over claims that he was permanently injured due to negligent treatment by medical and rehab staff on his team following a procedure.

Nursing home negligence can be considered medical malpractice

As loved ones grow older, self-care can become difficult and they may lose the ability to live independently. It is never easy for Kentucky families to place a loved one in a nursing or long-term care facility. However, nursing homes offer wonderful amenities and provide much-needed daily care and assistance for loved ones who can no longer live alone or care for themselves. Unfortunately, the mistreatment of patients in these facilities commonly makes headlines and can be considered medical malpractice.

Avoid truck accidents by practicing safe driving habits

Tractor-trailers are huge vehicles, so any crash involving one of these big rigs is likely to cause tremendous damage. Large commercial vehicles frequently share crowded roadways with passenger vehicles. The drivers of commercial vehicles are required to obtain special licensing and undergo hours of training. However, this does not make them immune from mistakes. Kentucky drivers can avoid truck accidents by following these helpful tips.

Medical malpractice: Woman dies after kidneys mistakenly removed

When it comes to medical care, an incorrect or misdiagnosis can be deadly for patients in Kentucky. A woman in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after her doctors allegedly misdiagnosed cancer and removed her healthy kidneys. According to reports, the woman recently passed away and the lawsuit may now be considered a wrongful death claim.

The rights of families after deadly trucking accidents

Without commercial vehicles transporting goods, the modern American economy would look significantly different. It is possible that some retail would be more regional, while prices would likely overall be higher. Trucking provides a good standard of living for truck drivers and their families and helps keep the cost of goods and materials reasonable within the United States and across North America.

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