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May 2018 Archives

Truck accidents: Safety measures are needed on dangerous highway

Due the massive size of semitrailers and other commercial vehicles, these rigs have the potential to be significantly more dangerous than other vehicles on the road. Semitrailers are harder to stop and less maneuverable than smaller vehicles, which are often factors in truck accidents. It is also not uncommon for truck drivers to lose focus due to their long and exhausting driving schedules. Several commercial vehicle accidents along Highway 101 in Kentucky between Scottsville and Smiths Grove have prompted authorities to increase safety measures.

Electronic logging could reduce trucker exhaustion on the road

Getting behind the wheel while very tired can be quite dangerous. In fact, depending on how long it's been since drivers have slept, exhaustion could impact their ability to drive as severely as an illegal amount of alcohol in their bloodstream. Most people already know the potential dangers of drunk driving, but those same people may not consider fatigued driving as serious of a concern.

Woman suffers permament brain damage due to medical malpractice

Across America, thousands are injured or killed each year as a result of negligence during medical procedures. These days, things like cosmetic procedures are very common and almost routine. However, even the most minor procedures have the potential to permanently injure patients in Kentucky when safety regulations are taken for granted. A doctor in another state was recently accused of medical malpractice after a patient ended up with permanent brain damage.

Mother and son awarded $1.3 million in medical malpractice suit

Kentucky is home to some of the best health care facilities in the country. However, medical malpractice still occurs at an alarming rate. In another state, a woman and her son were awarded $1.3 million from a lawsuit that was filed after alleged negligence injured the woman's son.

Tragic nursing care outcome in Georgia highlights medical neglect

When loved ones suffer from dementia or have worsening symptoms as they age, family members can find themselves unable to provide adequate care. Many times, the adult children of the elderly are still working and may even have children in the home that demand care and attention. Other times, the needs of the aging family member simply require medical skills and knowledge that laypeople do not have.

Medical malpractice: Family files claim after woman's death

Doctors, nurses and all medical professionals are often considered heroes, saving the lives of patients on a daily basis. The state of Kentucky boasts some of the best health care facilities and professionals in America. Receiving proper treatment can be the difference in the survival or death of the patient. As in all walks of life, negligence and errors can also occur in the field of health care. Tragically, medical malpractice remains one of the leading causes of death and injury across the country.

Truck accidents: 1 man dead, state trooper injured on I-71

Interstate highways that crisscross the great state of Kentucky offer a network of convenient roadways that connect cities and business hubs across America. Interstate highways are heavily used by commercial traffic, commuters and out-of-state travelers alike. Today, there are more semitrucks on the road than ever before, due to an increased need to transport goods. Because of this, truck accidents are becoming commonplace on interstates across the country.

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