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September 2017 Archives

Wearing the right helmet can make a difference

Now that you have your motorcycle, you're ready to hit the road, feel the wind on your face, and experience total freedom. Or are you? Part of riding a motorcycle is acknowledging that you are now more at risk of a serious injury. This means that you have to make a few adjustments to better protect yourself. Hopping on your bike in a pair of shorts and flip-flops is not going to seem like a good idea anymore when a negligent driver slams into you.

Man awarded $40 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

Receiving medical treatment in Kentucky and throughout the United States can sometimes be confusing. Patients are often required to see multiple specialists and trust that their different physicians are adequately coordinating their care for the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, there are many cases where physicians fail to coordinate a patient's care, leaving patients at risk for harm. One man in another state has been awarded $40 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against his providers.

Truck accident: Truck hits school bus on busy Kentucky highway

An early morning school bus ride gave students a jolt when their school bus was side swiped by a truck on a busy highway recently. The truck accident, on Kentucky 9 AA, happened when a rollback truck, which was carrying gasoline, swerved to miss hitting another truck. It instead slammed into the school bus that was stopped at a stop sign. Minor injuries were reported. 

$57 million award made in products liability lawsuit

When patients in Kentucky choose to undergo surgery, they anticipate they will receive the best possible care and products used during and after an operation. Unfortunately, companies are not always aware of all the potential risks their products could pose to patients, or they may choose not to adequately inform patients of all potential risks. A jury in another state recently determined that a company that sold pelvic mesh was negligent in the  design of the product and failed to inform patients of known potential risks. The woman was awarded $57 million in the products liability lawsuit.

Top causes of trucking accidents

It probably does not take much to imagine driving on the outskirts of Covington and having to maneuver past a semitruck before it decides to change lanes. In fact, it is more than likely that you have found yourself in the position where you either had to slam on the brakes or hit the gas pedal to avoid getting crushed between a tractor-trailer and a concrete barrier.

Medical malpractice: Unreported fall in nursing home

Many families in Kentucky know all too well the heartbreak of having to admit a loved one into a full-time nursing facility. It is a difficult decision to make, and families have to trust medical professionals to care for their loved one. Unfortunately, medical malpractice occurs in nursing homes on a regular basis, which often results in harm to its patients. Recently, a man died 36 hours after an unreported fall at his nursing home.

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