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Nissan defendent in products liability lawsuit for brake issue

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Products Liability

Car accidents occur in Kentucky on a regular basis and can result due to driver’s negligence, weather conditions or other outside factors. A mother and her two young children were killed in an automobile accident when a man veered into their lane and crashed into them. The driver was charged and determined as negligent, but evidence exists that there may have been a software problem with the brakes in his vehicle. Nissan North America Inc. is in the beginning stages of defending the brake system in their vehicles in a products liability lawsuit against the company.

The man, who was 74 years old at the time of the accident, drifted into the victim’s car lane and struck the victims. The mother and her two young daughters were all riding in a minivan and did not survive the accident. According to the accident reconstruction team, the older man may have sped up as he crashed into the victims. The male driver suffered a broken hip and suffered serious head trauma injury as well.

As the victim’s surviving family began to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the older driver, attorneys became aware of a software glitch in some Nissan vehicles affecting the brakes. The wrongful death lawsuit was dropped, and the plaintiffs — which included the victim’s family and the older driver — began pursuing a products liability lawsuit against Nissan. Attorneys have accused Nissan of awareness of the defect without recalling possibly affected vehicles.

The plaintiffs are seeking over $200 million in damages against the company, and the products liability lawsuit is in the beginning stages. Anyone in Kentucky that has suffered an injury or a death of a loved one as a result of negligence of another could benefit from speaking to an attorney about their litigation rights and options. Not only could compensation be obtained for victims, but it could improve safety for other consumers.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Nissan Sued For Alleged Brake Malfunction That Killed Family“, Bill Hetherman, June 26, 2017