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Summer riding: Motorcycle safety can help prevent injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

The summer is approaching, and with summer comes motorcycle season. In both Ohio and Kentucky, the roads are relatively straight and easy to ride. This brings out seasoned riders and those just learning.

One of the problems with being a motorcyclist is the risk of injury caused by other drivers. You know that there are dangerous drivers on the roads, but you never expect an accident to take place and involve you or your family.

When an accident does occur, you’re likely to suffer serious injuries, depending on the impact, speed and angle of the accident. Since injuries can result in the need for surgery or long-term rehabilitation, it’s a good idea to talk to your attorney before accepting any kind of settlement from an insurance agency.

What kinds of injuries are common after a motorcycling accident?

Depending on the angle of the accident, several kinds of injuries can occur. If you’re hit head-on, then you could suffer from head and neck injuries. Some common head injuries include concussions, bleeding on the brain and a fractured skull. Other injuries include damage to the cervical spine and potential herniations, whiplash or lacerations.

If you lay your bike down to slow it and prevent an accident, you could suffer serious injuries to your legs. Some injuries could include road rash, which are severe friction burns, broken bones, bruising and lacerations. If you try to catch yourself, you could injure your hands or arms.

It’s common to suffer some injuries to your internal organs. If you hit your chest, you could puncture a lung, for example. If you suffer a blow to the stomach, your liver, spleen or other organs could suffer from bleeding and bruising.

What can you do to prevent injuries?

Not all crashes can be avoided, but taking preventative measures can help you suffer less-severe injuries if you do get hit. Wear a helmet to protect your head and neck, and wear appropriate riding gear on your arms, legs and feet. Putting layers between yourself and the road or a vehicle can help reduce the risk of some injuries such as lacerations or bruising, road rash and others.

Your attorney can help review your case after an accident to help you file a claim. You need to take this time to recover, and your attorney can help by following through on your claim and making sure you’re not taken advantage of.

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